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Dec 2022

Our group's work on nonlinear superconducting microwave cavities was published as an "Editor's Suggestion" in Physical Review Applied.

Paper Link

Cartoon of a nanowire kinetic inductance device

Oct 2021

Nanophotonics devices require an interface between optical fibers and semiconductor chips. Here you see a tapered optical fiber probe that we have fabricated for this purpose.

Tapered optical fiber

May 2021

Measurements of our first microwave resonators:

a) Optical microscope image of one of the on-chip resonators we fabricated. b) A sample of the spectral response, which is a signature of a resonance. c) The change in the quality factor of a resonator as a function of the number of photons in it hints at the internal mechanisms of quantum decoherence.

Measurements of an on-chip superconducting microwave resonator

Oct 2020

We are cold! Our first dilution refrigerator gets operational.

Dilution refrigerator at QE lab.

Sept 2020

Lab renovations is complete.

Collaboration space

October 2019

Group webpage launched!

Jan 2023

Mohammad receives the NSF CAREER Award. This award will support our lab's work toward developing memory elements and interconnects for quantum networks.

Dec 2022

Mohammad receives the 2023 AFOSR Young Investigator Research Program Award. This award will support our lab's development of mechanical memory elements for quantum computation.

Nov 2021

We have measured the first transmon qubit fabricated in our lab! Here are some characterization data:

Rabi oscillations of the first qubit fabricated in our lab

T1 decay measurement of the first transmon qubit fabricated in our lab

Sept 2021

Our lab is now part of the Q-NEXT. Funded by DOE, the Q-NEXT's mission is to deliver quantum interconnects and establish a national foundry to provide pristine materials for new quantum devices.

August 2021

Our group is funded by a pair of awards from NSF's QuIC-TAQS program:

Interconnected Superconducting and Color Center Qubits in Silicon Devices

This collaboration with UC Berkley and Virginia Tech aims to establish connectivity between silicon single-photon emitters and superconducting qubits via optical interfaces.

Voltage-Tunable Hybrid Microwave-Acoustic Interconnects for Multi-modal Quantum Memories

This collaboration with NYU, Virginia Tech, Clemson aims to realize a scalable architecture for quantum memories based on mechanical memories and voltage-tunable microwave coupling.

Nov 2020

QEL chemistry lab starts operation

Chemical processing station at QE cleanroom.

Sept 2020

Optical tables installed in our B260 .

Optical table, Backroom B260